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Posted by: sl.Rippchen Dec 20 2009, 02:27 PM

The Splatterladder Buddytracking System consists of a personal Buddy- and Serverlist. It was developed to find friends in a quick way. It is meant to be used in a combination with the sl.Gamelauncher to join a server directly. By using it, players are able to meet on a server in a fast way.

How do I get this Buddylist? Do I have to pay for it?

The Buddylist is free of charge and you will be able to use it after a quick registration.

Do I have to install additional Software?

No, unlike other programs our Buddytracking System is completely web-based and fluently implemented into the Splatterladder.

What exactly am I able to do with the Buddylist?

The Splatterladder Buddylist is directly beneath your Userbox on the Splatterladder Homepage. There you could see who of your buddies are currently playing. In the detailed view, the buddylist shows you not just when your buddies were seen the last time, but also where they are playing right now, which map they play, which team they support and how much XP they have gained. Every player informations are live, but displayed with a delay of 30 seconds for technical reasons.

How could I add Friends and Servers to my Buddylist?

On a players or servers rating page you could click on the top left button to add the player or server to your Buddylist. Do the same to remove them from your Buddylist. If you would like to have a detailed look on your Buddylist to maintain it, have a look at the detailed view, reachable on the homepage.

Could I increase the Buddylimit?

For sure! You are able to use 10 Buddy- and 5 Serverfavorites with a standard registration. You could increase them by making a donation. The more you donate the more additional buddies you get. We let you know how much buddies are available in a short e-mail. It is yours to spread it either to your Player- or Serverbuddies.

Could I order Buddies for my Clan?

Of course! As a clanleader you could donate for your whole clan and spread the buddies to your clanmembers. The most important thing here is that all your clanmembers have a valid Splatterladder account and are registered to your clan. Otherwise we can not give out the buddies.

Am I able to overwrite the buddies afterwards?

No, this is not possible at the moment. The clan-buddyspreading is only possible for one time. If you have not donated as a clan, it is as easy as dropping us a message to change your priorities inside the Buddytracking System.

Do my buddies decay?

No, you can use them an account-life long.

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