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> I need your help, ....but psssst....
post Feb 4 2018, 12:59 PM
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Hi mates,

in order to save all the files collected on Wolffles for the future, I'm trying something which would be a real low cost solution.

I will try to mirror all files kept on wolffiles on Google Drives.

As you maybe know, Google offers a 15GB drive to any user.

So, what would be easier than creating a dozen of new Google account, mirror each and every single file to them (switching to the next account when 15GB are reached)?
Then sharing all the files, and put a list with the now public google drive links and the files which are hold on them on a public github.

As a result, all files would be save as long as Google and Github are alive....

That's the theory.
I've created a new google account today, without any problem.
But when I tried to create a second one, I had no success, because this time a cell phone number was requested.

It seems to me, that from each IP, only one account without linking it to a cell phone can be created.

That's the point, where I need your help.

It would be great, if some of you could register a new google account and sending me the new google email address and also the password.
(Please don't send me public available account credentials from any leak. It's would be sad if all the maps, mods and other files would be deleted because of this)
(not to mention: don't use your real credentials. I'll have to change the password in order to push the files to the drive. You will lost the ownership of the account).

Thanks in advance



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post Feb 5 2018, 11:10 PM
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Joined: 7-March 06
From: Wehr
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If you want to download all the files, simply use wget
(available for windows also: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/wget.htm
or maybe even install CygWin and wget

After wget is installed, open a shell (command prompt "cmd" under windows)

->Download the file list
wget https://wolffiles.de/wolffiles_filelist.txt
->Download each and every file
wget -i wolffiles_filelist.txt

Some torrent-client (like http://www.bitcomet.com/ ) also are able to load the wolffiles_filelist.txt as link list to download.

Or simply use such a download manager avaiable for linux and windows: http://ugetdm.com/features

ATM there is no need to seed a torrent from WF. The overhead of using torrent is massive compared to a standard download from an apache webserver.


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