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[splatterladder] Board _ Chat _ Return to Castle Wolfenstein SP - Iron Sights

Posted by: Wolf Enstein May 29 2017, 03:46 PM

I saw this on Youtube and it really is, in my opinion, something which would be an excellent addition to "Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Singleplayer" gameplay. The availability of iron sights brutale.gif :


Posted by: N3rwitZ May 29 2017, 08:22 PM

Please. Do the opposite; keep that away for shooters having real use of. If RTCW lacks iron sights, it is for big reason.

Posted by: zenci Jul 1 2017, 02:02 PM

But what will be a purpose of it? I do not get it fully.

Posted by: Wolf Enstein Jul 1 2017, 02:14 PM

QUOTE (zenci @ Jul 1 2017, 04:02 PM) *
But what will be a purpose of it?

Many players prefer using iron sights in-game, Zenci, because it helps to improve their aim.

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