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Posted by: schnoog Feb 18 2014, 01:33 PM

SPLATTERLADDER HOSTING - a new service from

The brain behind splatterladder has brought a new idea to life to contribute a very easy, very affordable possibility for everyone to host an own Enemy Territory Gameserver for a ridiculous low price of 6.40 EUR per month on a gentlemens agreement base for a 32 slot Gameserver.

I repeat that for you to assure you have read right: 32 slot ET Gameserver for 6.40 EUR per month!

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? The one or other of you might ask.

It is possible because we see this as a service for and to the community, not a way to start earning money. The calculation is quite simple:
A suitable Root-Server would cost about 70 Euro / month + round about 100 Euro setup fee (Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v3 + 32GB ECC Ram + 2TB HDD [raid1] + 20TB free traffic @ 1Gbit/s [they assure at least 200Mbit / s] , after 20TB the speed will be lowered for the remaining days of the month.) This configuration should be suitable for round about 12 - 15 gameserver with 32 slots each.
Lets do an example with 12 Gameservers: 12 x 6.40 = 76.80 EUR per month. That means the setup fee will automatically be paid after 15 months of continous rental from the serverhost (6.80 x 15 = 102 EUR).

WHAT DO I GET FOR MY MONEY? This is also a good question.

We can´t deliver 24/7 support or any fast response if there occurs a problem. What we can do is offer you a pretty nice and easy to understand Gameserverpanel with ftp support to upload your files. You may ofc. use any other ftp client. Within the Game Manager you have the chance to fast start / stop / restart the server, watch a basic Game-Monitor and we guarantee daily backups of your server.


We dont want to bind you with a long term contract or a big payment in advance, so we thought the best way for anyone to try it out would be to pay on a monthly base. If too many people try the service and cancel after one month we will have to pay the due for the rented Server, so we would like to see you keep it longer than one month only thanks.gif To be honest, we do not believe that you will cancel it, after you have tested it.


We have preinstalled the following mods as templates so all you have to do is choose a mod, upload your files, edit the server.cfg and mod.cfg and then start your server.
etjump, etlegacy *, etnam *, etpro, etpub *, jaymod *, nitmod *, noquarter *, silentmod *, tjmod (* = Omni-Bot enabled)
If you like to take a peak to the Game Server Panel we have installed, try: with the logindetails: testuser - testuser

WHAT ABOUT LAG? Whats that? grin.gif

You can test it yourself on two servers that use our new Splatterladder Hosting Service already. Check it out on one of these early testers Gameservers that use our new feature for some days now. Server running ET Pub 1.0.0 with Omnibot Server running Jaymod 2.1.7 with Omnibot

If we got your attention with these lines, we look forward to see you grabbing your own ET Gameserver asap.

Posted by: Patriot Feb 18 2014, 01:51 PM

Its an awesome service there mate :)

Good Work

Posted by: slim43 Feb 19 2014, 02:39 PM

tried the jaymod server last night you can only connect with 2.6 install sadd.gif but server seemed ok :)might be up for some of this myself :)

Posted by: TomDome Feb 19 2014, 03:20 PM

Hi slim43,

Upgrade / option for ET3.00 is already in work by schnoog. That means in 2 or 3 days 3.00 servers should be able to rent.

Posted by: CS|kOoL May 5 2014, 12:51 PM

Hi all,

Again many thanks for this awesome service.

I hope will be partner for long time !!


Posted by: schnoog May 5 2014, 05:12 PM

Thank you very much.

If the usage (slot numbers) stays in this level, I`ll lower the slot-price as soon as the setup-fee (which I had to pay for this server) is amortized.

Best regards

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