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> Server crashes sometimes after warmup, Mod: Nitmod 2.3.1, ET Legacy 2.75, Linux
post Feb 25 2018, 10:26 AM
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From: Mülheim an der Ruhr
Member No.: 71259


our Nitmod Server crashes sometimes and with this Symbols at the end of the logfile "   ". No other errors. Sometimes the server is running 1-2 days without any crash and at some other days the server crashs all 2-3 hours with this error.

Here i uploaded the end of our server logfile: http://filebase.eg-team.de/files/screenlog.0

Our server runs with ET Legacy 2.7.5 but i also tryed ET 3.00 TB and ET 2.60b with the same crashes.

Maybe someone had allready the same problem?

This problem happens only when warmup ends and the map start. Is the warmup from nitmod buggy? Funny that not all our Nitmod servers have this problem ...


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post Mar 3 2018, 12:01 PM
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From: France
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our server with nitmod never crashed , just the game crashes for players times to times , same problems with silent mod
I must say the more stable i have played since 2003 is ETPUB since for other mods :nq, jaymod, silent , nitmod they added for sure many fun weapons and their tripmines are nice for silent and nitmod

here the nitmod cfg we used in the past

// * N!tmod 2.3 *
// * Sample Config file *
// *******************************************
//All the cvars listed below are followed by their default values.
//To make it a little easier to read, some descriptions have been truncated
//To view the complete CVARS Documentation, visit http://etmods.net/nitmod/cvars.php

// N!tmod AntiCheat
set g_fear "12000"
set n_SQLiteDBPath ".\nitmod\nitmod_beth.sqlite"

// ****************
// * NxAC 1.0 *
// ****************
//Controls actions taken by NxAC when a cheat violation is detected.
set n_NxAC "2"

//Set this CVAR to 1 to enable NxAC Client Checksum verification.
set n_NxAC_CheckClientBinary "0"

//Set this CVAR to 1 to enable NxAC CVAR Scanner.
set n_NxAC_CvarScan "1"

//Delay in milliseconds before server starts sending cvar queries to a client after he has finished connecting.
set n_NxAC_CvarScanWait "10000"

//Delay in milliseconds between each cvar query. Values too low might cause lags or server command overflow.
set n_NxAC_CvarScanDelay "750"

//Delay in milliseconds before starting a new scan after the previous one has finished.
set n_NxAC_CvarScanInterval "30000"

//Maximum number of warnings before kicking a player who doesn't respect the cvar rules. Instant kick if set to 0.
set n_NxAC_CvarScanMaxWarnings "1"

exec objectivecycle.cfgr rules. Instant kick if set to 0.


set sv_maxclients "30" // number of players including private slots
set g_password "" // set to password protect the server
set sv_privateclients "" // if set > 0, then this number of client slots will be reserved for connections
set sv_privatepassword "xxxx" // that have "password" set to the value of "sv_privatePassword"
set rconpassword "xxxxx"
set refereePassword "xxxxx"
set sv_fullMSG "et://" //Redirect to other server if full

sets .Admin "*ETS"
sets .Clan "ETS"
sets .Email ""
sets .Host "xxxxxxx"
sets .URL "http://enemyterritory-stuff.net/"


set sv_hostname "^1-ETS"Nitmod 2.3.1,news ET maps" //name of server here
set server_motd0 "^nFollow the rules"
set server_motd1 "^nNo spawnkilling/camping"
set server_motd2 "^1http://enemyterritory-stuff.net/"
set server_motd3 "^nDon't Complain"
set server_motd4 "^nMod: ^1Nitmod 2.3.1"
set server_motd5 "^nHave Fun!"

//Allied team respawn time in milliseconds
set g_userAlliedRespawnTime "12"

//Allied team respawn time in milliseconds
set g_userAxisRespawnTime "12"

//Sets the gametype that will be played on your server.
set g_gametype "6"


set sv_maxRate 45000
set sv_dl_maxRate 42000
set sv_allowDownload "1" // global toggle for both legacy download and web download
set sv_wwwDownload "1" // toggle to enable web download
set sv_wwwBaseURL "http://xxxxxxx" // base URL for redirection
set sv_wwwDlDisconnected 0
set sv_wwwFallbackURL ""

//Name of the file where admin commands attempts will be logged.
set g_logAdmin "admin.log"

// Mapconfigs and Mapscripts

set g_mapConfigs "mapconfigs"
set g_mapScriptDirectory "mapscripts"

set g_defaultMute "3600"
set g_moverScale "1.0"
set g_maxWarp "4"

//Similar to ETPro s b_campaignFile.
set g_campaignFile ""

// Censoring

//List of the words that have to be censored in the chat
set g_censor "merde,nigger,fuck,fuc,fuk,asshole,bitch,whore,dick,d!ck,anus,a.nus,pussy,cunt,homo,fucking,noob,n00b,penis,gay,fag,fagot,faggot,a$$hole,nigga,anal,b!tches,biatches,bitches,raped,kurw,slut,vagina,cheater,cheaters,cock,twat,les

//List of the words that have to bo censored from player names.
set g_censorNames "iCheat?,retard,h!tler,******,eikel,aimbot,lul,skkl,sukkel,mongool,nigger,fuck,fuc,fuk,asshole

//Bitflag to control the penalty for a player saying a censored word (see g_censor).
set g_censorPenalty "5"

//If g_censorPenalty contains flag 8, the censored player will be automuted for g_censorMuteTime seconds
set g_censorMuteTime "30"

//If set, clients kicked for the specified reasons will be tempbanned for g_autoTempBanTime seconds
set g_autoTempBan "0"

//Auto Tempban duration
set g_autoTempBanTime "1800"

//Set this to 1 to enable Neil Toronto s unlagged2 skip correction.
//This will smooth out the movement of players with high packet loss (to a degree).
set g_skipCorrection "1"

//If higher than 0, anybody that has this percentage of hits inflicted on a teammate will automatically be kicked.
//A minimum of g_minhits hits total is required before this is calculated. Client can check their current stats by typing /damage in the console.
set g_teamDamageRestriction "0"

//Minimum damaging hits required before calculating if player has reached g_teamDamageRestriction
set g_minHits "6"

// Skill points needed for level

set skill_soldier "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_medic "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_engineer "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_fieldops "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_covertops "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_battlesense "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_lightweapons "20 50 90 140 200"

//Cvars to cap the max level a player can gain in a skill.
set g_maxLevelLightWeapons "6"
set g_maxLevelBattleSense "6"
set g_maxLevelSoldier "6"
set g_maxLevelMedic "6"
set g_maxLevelEngineer "6"
set g_maxLevelFieldOp "6"
set g_maxLevelCovertOp "6"

//Customize how weapons are dropped upon limbo death
set g_weaponItems "1"

//Define how many maps are presented to users for voting upon during intermission
set g_maxMapsVotedFor "6"

// Map voting

set g_mapVoteFlags 5
set g_maxMapsVotedFor 16
set g_minMapAge 5
set g_resetXPMapCount 0
set g_excludedMaps ":railgun:radar:battery:oasis:fueldump:goldrush:"

//Contains list of map to be exclude from the map voting list.
set g_excludedMaps ":railgun:radar:battery:oasis:fueldump:goldrush:"

//Number of maps need to be played before player XP is reset.
set g_resetXPMapCount "0"

//Defines the directory that weapon scripts will be placed to edit how weapons work
set g_weaponScriptsDir ""

//Sets gravity on missile.This is not a bitflag
set g_missileGravity "0"

//the speed a panzer/bazooka missile travels at. Set to 0 or 2500 to enable default speed.
//Values over 300 are ignored if Guided Rockets are enabled.
set g_missileSpeed "0"

//Controls the amount of health a panzer/bazooka missile has. Set this to 0 to make missiles indestructible.
set g_missileHealth "5"

//Enablethe use of a bounding box (hitbox) around mortar shells, to prevent them from going through small windows and other narrow gaps.
set g_mortarBBox "0"

// Hitboxes, Physics & Anti Lag Settings

set g_fixedphysics "1"
set g_fixedphysicsfps "125"

//Toggle flood protecting.
set g_floodprotect "1"

//Set the number of messages per second before ignoring the client's messages.
set g_floodthreshold "6"

//Set the minimum time (in ms) between two messages when g_floodprotect is enabled.
set g_floodWait "1000"

//Toggle ETMain cheats (god, give, nofatigue, noclip, notarget, revive) and allow modifying cheat protected cvars.
set sv_cheats "0"

//If enabled, the game will not allow a team to have more than 1 player more than the other team.
set g_teamForceBalance "0"

//Warmup duration in seconds
set g_warmup "25"

//Enable Warmup
set g_doWarmup "0"

// Logs

//General log file name
set g_log "server.log"
set logfile 2
set g_logSync "0"
set g_logCrash "crash.log"

//Stores IP and IP masks for g_filterban
set g_banIPs ""

//Filter connect packets IP's
set g_filterBan "1"

//Overall player speed
set g_speed "320"

//Defines gravity ammount
set g_gravity "800"

//Knockback value when receiving damage
set g_knockback "1000"

//If higher than 0, sets the delay in seconds before a wounded player will be forced to tapout
set g_forcerespawn "0"

//BitFlag to control debug system trace.
set g_debugBullets "0"

//Maximum number of complaints against a player before he gets kicked from the server
set g_complaintlimit "6"

//Sets the maximum number of unique complaints a player (by IP address) may have filed against them before they are automatically kicked
set g_ipcomplaintlimit "3"

//Bitflag to disable friendly fire complaints for certain weapons
set g_disableComplaints "0"

//Removes players from camera views. If enabled, players will not be displayed on limbo objective camera
set g_filtercams "0"

//If enabled, this sets the maximum number of respawn allowed per round
set g_maxlives "0"

//Number of respawns a player has to miss after he has ran out of lives (see g_maxlives, g_axismaxlives, g_alliedmaxlives) before respawning again.
set g_maxlivesRespawnPenalty "0"

//If enabled, this sets the maximum number of respawn allowed per round for allied team players
set g_alliedmaxlives "0"

//If enabled, this sets the maximum number of respawn allowed per round for axis team players
set g_axismaxlives "0"

//Toggle "Max Lives Enforcement Temp Ban."
set g_enforcemaxlives "1"

//Maximum number of voicechats allowed before the voicechat flood protection is triggered.
set g_voiceChatsAllowed "4"

//If enabled, player will be able to move instantly after being revived, and his invulnerability will be reduced to 1 second instead of 3.
set g_fastres "1"

//Control the use of pmove_msecs for frame computation
set pmove_fixed "0"

//Adjust the frame time (in ms) used for frame calculation.
set pmove_msec "8"

//Toggle ETPro Antilag.
set g_antilag "1"

// Player Inactivity

//Delay in seconds before sending an inactive player (not moving/shooting) to spectators.
set g_inactivity "90"

//Delay in seconds before kicking a spectator for inactivity.
set g_spectatorInactivity ""

//Bitflag to set various inactivity options. (See g_spectatorInactivity and g_inactivity)
set g_inactivityOptions "1"

//Allowing players to join a match in progress
set match_latejoin "1"

//Sets the minimum number of players required for match to begin.
set match_minplayers "0"

//Mutes the spectators.
set match_mutespecs "0"

//Sets the percentage of players required to be ready
set match_readypercent "100"

//Sets the maximum number of times non-referees can pause the match.
set match_timeoutcount "3"

//Timeout/pauses duration in seconds
set match_timeoutlength "180"

//Warmup damage options
set match_warmupDamage "1"

//Class Recharge Times

//Time, in milliseconds, it takes for Medic class charge bar to refill
set g_medicChargeTime "20000"

//Time, in milliseconds, it takes for Engineer class charge bar to refill
set g_engineerChargeTime "11000"

//Time, in milliseconds, it takes for Field Ops class charge bar to refill
set g_LTChargeTime "45000"

//Time, in milliseconds, it takes for Soldier class charge bar to refill
set g_soldierChargeTime "17000"

//Time, in milliseconds, it takes for Covert Ops class charge bar to refill
set g_covertopsChargeTime "13000"

//For each heavy weapon, this defines the percentage of players, per team, who can use it, based on the total number of player in a team.
set g_heavyWeaponRestriction "100"

//Minimum percentage of connected players needed to enable Panzerfaust.
set team_panzerRestriction "0"

// Team restrictions

//Maximum number of players per team allowed to use Panzerfaust
set team_maxPanzers "1"

//Maximum number of players per team allowed to use Mobile MG42
set team_maxMG42s "-1"

//Maximum number of players per team allowed to use Flamethrower
set team_maxFlamers "1"

//Maximum number of players per team allowed to use Mortar
set team_maxMortars "1"

//Maximum number of players per team allowed to use K43/Garand's grenade lanucher
set team_maxriflegrenades "-1"

//Maximum number of tripmines per team
set team_maxTripmines "5"

//Maximum number of landmines per team
set team_maxLandmines "10"

//Minimum delay, in seconds, between airstrikes per team.
set team_airstrikeTime "10"

//Minimum delay, in seconds, between artillery strikes (Firing For Effect) per team.
set team_artyTime "10"

//Maximum number of Soldiers allowed per team
set team_maxSoldiers "-1"

//Maximum number of Medics allowed per team
set team_maxMedics "-1"

//Maximum number of Engineers allowed per team
set team_maxEngineers "-1"

//Maximum number of FieldOps allowed per team
set team_maxFieldops "-1"

//Maximum number of CovertOps allowed per team
set team_maxCovertops "-1"

//Maximum number of players allowed per team
set team_maxplayers "0"

//Disallow to use of team commands
set team_nocontrols "1"

//If enabled, a player's landmines will be removed when he disconnects or joins another team.
set g_landminetimeout "1"

// Map voting

set g_mapVoteFlags 5
set g_maxMapsVotedFor 16
set g_minMapAge 5
set g_resetXPMapCount 0
set g_excludedMaps ""


//Bitflag to modify voting options
set g_voting "0"

//Toggle "Competition Settings" voting (requires default_comp.cfg on the server)
set vote_allow_comp "0"

//Toggle gametype voting
set vote_allow_gametype "0"

//Toggle voting to kick players
set vote_allow_kick "0"

//Toggle map voting
set vote_allow_map "0"

//Toggle match reset voting
set vote_allow_matchreset "0"

//Toggle voting to mute spectators
set vote_allow_mutespecs "0"

//Toggle nextmap voting
set vote_allow_nextmap "0"

//Toggle "Public Settings" voting (requires default_pub.cfg on the server)
set vote_allow_pub "0"

//Toggle voring to referee players
set vote_allow_referee "0"

//Toggle voting to shuffle teams & restart match
set vote_allow_shuffleteams "0"

//Toggle voting to shuffle teams WITHOUT restarting match
set vote_allow_shuffleteams_norestart "0"

//Toggle voting to swap teams WITHOUT restarting match
set vote_allow_swapteams "0"

//Toggle voting to swap teams & restart match
set vote_allow_swapteamsrestart "0"

//Toggle Friendly Fire voting
set vote_allow_friendlyfire "0"

//Toggle voting to modify timelimit
set vote_allow_timelimit "0"

//Toggle voting to modify warmup damage settings
set vote_allow_warmupdamage "0"

//Toggle voting to modify antilag status
set vote_allow_antilag "0"

//Toggle voting to modify balanced teams status
set vote_allow_balancedteams "0"

//Toggle voting to mute players
set vote_allow_muting "0"

//Toggle voting to surrender
set vote_allow_surrender "0"

//Toggle campaing restart voting
set vote_allow_restartcampaign "0"

//Toggle next campaign voting
set vote_allow_nextcampaign "0"

//Toggle Poll voting
set vote_allow_poll "0"

//Allow the vote to restart the map
set vote_allow_maprestart "0"

//Maximum number of votes a player can call per map.
set vote_limit "0"

//Percentage of "YES" votes required for a vote to pass.
set vote_percent "50"

//If enabled, players will be proposed to join a fireteam when they join a team.
set g_autoFireteams "1"

//Player shoving (pushing) distance
set g_shove "80"

//If enabled, can't shove (push) players vertically
set g_shoveNoZ "0"

//Toggle playing dead with /playdead
set g_playDead "1"

//Enable/disable corpse dragging. (Standing over a wounded player and pressing F(activate) to drag the corpse)
set g_dragCorpse "1"

//Toggles class stealing. (Standing over a dead teammate and pressing F(activate) to steal his class).
set g_classChange "1"

//Modify the force limbo health (damage that has to be givent to a player when he's waiting for a medic before he's forced to tapout)
set g_forceLimboHealth "75"

//If enabled, players can send private messages on the server.
set g_privateMessages "1"

// XP Save configuration

//Bitflag to modify XPSave options
set g_XPSave "15"

//XPSave duration in seconds.
set g_XPSaveMaxAge "86400"

//Reset XP when a player reach this limit. (-1 to disable)
set g_maxXP "80000"

//Decays players XP on the server when set to 1.
set g_XPDecay "0"

//Rate, in skill points per second, that XP skill points, for each skill, will decay when g_XPDecay is enabled.
set g_XPDecayRate "0.0"

//Minimum floor that any skill XP can be reduced to by g_XPDecay.
set g_XPDecayFloor "0"

//Bitflag to modify FieldOps class options
set g_fieldOps "4"

// Friendly fire

set g_friendlyFire "256"

// Country flags, You need to have GeoIP database installed to use this.

set g_countryflags "1"

//Damage inflicted to a player when jumping or landing on him. (see also g_goombaFlags)
set g_goomba "40"

//Bitflag to modify Goomba behaviour. (see also g_goomba)
set g_goombaFlags "16"

//Time, in seconds, players will be invulnerable after respawning.
set g_spawnInvul "3"

// Intermission

set g_intermissionTime "20"
set g_intermissionReadyPercent "100"

//If enabled, N!tmod will keep players from "warping" using ETPro-style AntiWarp(higly recommended)
set g_antiwarp "1"

//Enable shortcuts in chat
set g_shortcuts "1"

//If a player selfkills (/kill) withing g_fear milliseconds after taking damage from an enemy, the kill will be awarded to this enemy.
set g_fear "2000"

//Options for self-kill
set g_slashKill "80"

//Number of frames the server will generate by second
set sv_fps "20"

//Enable true ping calculation based on client commands timestamps.
set g_truePing "1"

//Enable or disable Poison syringes for level 4 light weapons.
set g_poison "1"

//If enabled, players will see their last killer's remaining HP when they die.
set g_drawAttackerHP "1"

//Bitflag to modify Medic class behaviour.
set g_medics "80"

//Banners location (see g_msgs)

//Delay, in seconds, between banner messages. (see g_msgpos)
set g_msgs "10"
set g_msgPos 2
seta g_msg1 "^?-^3Welcome To Our Server^?-^7"
seta g_msg2 "^?|^3for problems contact us on our site!^?|^7"
seta g_msg3 "^?|^3Don't Be A Jerk!^?|^7"
seta g_msg4 "^?|^3http:/enemyterritory-stuff.net/!^?|^7"
seta g_msg5 "^?|^3Silent server ip!^?|^7"
seta g_msg6 "^?|^3Snipers server ip!^?|^7"
seta g_msg7 "^?|^3XP Saved!^?|^7"
seta g_msg8 "^?|^3Advertising = instant ban!^?|^7"
seta g_msg9 "^?|^3Welcome on *Ets* ! enjoy and keep coming back!^?|^7"

//If enabled, every enginner that builds a constructible objective will receive XP points.
set g_constructiblexpsharing "1"

//Airstrike blocking options
set g_asblock "3"

//Allow player to kick canisters on the floor.
set g_canisterKick "1"

//Sets the kicker as the owner of the canister kicked.
set g_canisterKickOwner "1"

//Toggle double jump
set g_doubleJump "2"

//If double jump is enabled, this defines how many times higher the the second jump will be.
set g_DJHeight "0.80"

//Bitflag to modify Panzerfaust rockets behavior.
set g_rockets "0"

//Bitflag to keep a specific class award when playing other classes
set g_skills "1"

//Bitflag to enable missile cameras (Clients can disable cameras with cg_drawCam 0)
set g_missileCams "0"

//Enable a War Mode
set g_war "0"

//Bitflag to control some SniperWar options
set n_sniperWarOptions "7"

//Bitflag to enable some announces.
set g_announcer "127"

//Maximum delay, in milliseconds, between two kills, to count as a multikill
set g_multikillTime "2000"

//Bitflag to modify adrenaline behaviour (See also g_adrenClasses)
set g_adrenaline "4"

//Bitflag cvar to allow adrenaline to carry-over in specific classes.
set g_adrenClasses "2"

// Omni-bots

//Absolute path to your Omni-bot installation.
set omnibot_path ".\omni-bot"

//Toggle Omni-Bot support on the server.

set omnibot_enable "1"
set g_bot_maxXP 10000
set g_bot_minPlayers 3

//Various Omni-Bot options
set omnibot_flags "1"

//If enabled, player will lose his spawn protection if he starts attacking before g_spawnInvul seconds.
set g_noAttackInvul "0"

//Maximum number of connections allowed from the same IP address. Set to 0 to disable.
set ip_max_clients "3"

//If enabled, players can pick any weapon on the ground, no matter what class they are playing.
set g_pickAnyWeapon "1"

//Unlimited Ammo (No need to reload, clips are refilled automaticly when empty)
set g_noReload "1"

//No charge usage
set g_noCharge "0"

//Players respawn instantly, respawn times are ignored
set g_instantSpawn "0"

//Players will see a "REVENGE!" announce on their screen if they kill the last player who killed them.
set g_revenge "1"

// Lua

set lua_modules "chat.lua dynamite_counter.lua adminchat.lua spec.lua"
set lua_allowedModules ""

//Delay in minutes before sending "quit" command to the server. Server has to be empty. Useful for servers running in a loop, so they can be restarted without any admin intervention.
set g_autoQuitDelay "0"

//Controls new advanced animation linked players hitboxes (Bitflag).
set g_hitboxes "9"

//Toggle N!tmod realistic body hitbox. If enabled, the body hitbox will be smaller.
set g_realBody "0"

//Toggle ETPro "real head" code. Head hitbox will follow the player animation. This is HIGHLY recommended.
set g_realHead "1"

//Bitflag for Headshot mode options
set g_headshot "0"

//Bitflag to control various weapon options
set g_weapons "65431"

//Allow players to carry a 2nd SMG (MP40 or Thompson). This option does NOT work for CovertOps AND Soldiers.
set g_dualSMG "3"

//Bitflag to enable ability to shoot some weapons to damage and destroy them
set g_damageweapons "127"

//If set, "Secure Shrubbot Login" will be enabled.
set g_secureShrubPassword "beth"

//If enabled, server will check clients NGUID. If the test fails, server will kick the client.
set g_GUIDChecks "1"

//If enabled, server will check clients IP. If the test fails, server will kick the client.
set g_IPChecks "1"

//Shoutcaster password.
set shoutcastPassword "wfclan"

//Bitflag to control a few miscellaneous options.
set g_misc "49"

//If enabled, spectators will be able to see name above players (a sort of "minimal shoutcaster status")
set g_spectatorNames "1"

///team Flood Protection
set g_teamChangeDelay "0"

//For use with multiple servers on a single SQLite DB.
set n_UserDBSync "0"

//If enabled, players will be allowed to send "mails" to offline players.
set n_userMail "1"

//Enable/Disable Map Spree Records and Map Frag Records
set n_mapRecords "1"

//Options to modify the way player proning works
set n_proneDelay "0"

//Sets how many milliseconds it takes to a dynamite to explode after it has been armed.
set n_dynamiteTimer "30000"

//Sets the distance a ammo or health pack is thrown.
set g_throwDistance "75"

//Sets the number of ammopacks a FieldOps drops when killed.
set g_dropAmmo "3"

//Sets the number of medpacks a Medic drops when killed.
set g_dropHealth "3"

//Delay (in milliseconds) before dropped ammopacks disappear.
set n_ammoPackSinkDelay "30000"

//Delay (in milliseconds) before dropped medpacks disappear.
set n_medPackSinkDelay "30000"

//Time, in milliseconds, it takes for ammo packs to re-appear in ammo cabinets
set g_ammoCabinetTime "10000"

//Time, in milliseconds, it takes for health packs to re-appear in health cabinets
set g_healthCabinetTime "10000"

//Allows dropped items to lay flush with the angle of the ground they are on.
set g_flushItems "1"

//If set higher than 0, players can drop the objective *value+1* times per life, using "dropobj" command (can be used in console or bound to a key).
set g_dropObj "4"

//If enabled, players can drop their primary weapon to the floor using "dropweapon" command (can be used in console or bound to a key).
set n_allowDropWeapon "1"

//If enabled, player bounding box has to be inside the landmine bounding
//box to trigger it, instead of calculating the distance between the landmine and the player.
set n_preciseLandmineTrigger "0"

//Toggle Crazy Gravity (Automaticly set to 0 on map end)
set n_crazyGravity "0"

//Minimum gravity value when Crazy Gravity is enabled.
set n_crazyGravityMin "100"

//Maximum gravity value when Crazy Gravity is enabled.
set n_crazyGravityMax "2000"

//Delay, in milliseconds, between gravity changes when Crazy Gravity is enabled.
set n_crazyGravityInterval "30000"

//If set higher than 0, minimum length of player names when they connect.
//Since 2.2.1, checks for visible characters only (spaces and color codes are ignored)
set n_minNameLength "0"

//Bitflag to control revive spree options.
set n_reviveSpreeOptions "31"

//Maximum delay, in milliseconds, between two revives, to count as a multi revive.<br/>
//Hardcoded multirevive sound path on client side: sound/nit/mr1.wav, sound/nit/mr2.wav, sound/nit/mr3.wav, sound/nit/mr4.wav<br/>
//These sounds are not provided into the official PK3 because we have no sounds for them, it's optional.<br/>
//If you want to use your own sounds, add them into a custom pk3 using the above paths.
set n_multiReviveTime "2000"

//Delay in SECONDS a player must wait before he can re-mount a tank. Set to 0 to disable this delay.
set n_tankMountDelay "0"

//Delay in MILLISECONDS a player must wait before he can stand up after crouching. Set to 0 to disable this delay.
set n_crouchStandDelay "0"

//Delay in MILLISECONDS a player must wait after crouching and standing up to crouch again. Set to 0 to disable this delay.
set n_standCrouchDelay "0"

//If enabled, players can still score XP but their skill levels will be locked to 0 (Same as ETPro's b_noskillupgrades).
set n_noSkillUpgrades "0"

//Bitflag to toggle kill assistances.
set n_killAssistances "1"

//Controls where greeting are displayed.
set n_greetingPos "0"

//Allows setting max HP for each classes. Values must be space separated
//Classes, in order, are: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, FieldOps, CovertOps.
//Example: value "120 150 140 110 130" means: Soldiers 120 HP Max, Medics 150 HP Max, Engineers 140 HP Max, FieldOps 110 HP Max, CovertOps 130 HP Max
//Setting one of the values to 0 will use the usual max HP value for that class.
set n_classesMaxHP "0 0 0 0 0"

//If set higher than 0, this caps the maxmim timelimit vote value (Higher values will changed to this maximum value).
set n_voteMaxTimelimit "0"

set g_customConfig "fcvars.cfg"


//exec objectivecycle.cfg // Objective mode
exec mapvotecycle.cfg // mapvote mode
//exec objectivecycle.cfg


// in case the game dies with an ERR_DROP
// or any situation leading to server running with no map
//set com_watchdog 10 // defaults 60
set com_watchdog_cmd "exec campaigncycle.cfg" // defaults to quit

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