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[splatterladder] Board _ SL. Enemy Territory Group _ Complains , kicks , bans

Posted by: StoerFaktoR Dec 25 2016, 07:51 AM

If you think you're innocent kicked or banned


Time (when you got kicked from the server)
Reason for kick

Reporting cheaters

The most important is a demo (we need a proof to ban cheaters)
Without a proof we won't ban players!!!

Open your ingame console "^" and type /record nameofplayer (part of the name should be enough)
If you seen enough then you can stop the demo record with /stoprecord (minimum length of the demo should be 2 minutes ... more is much better)
Clear your console with the /clear command
Now type /pb_plist
Now you type /condump guids.txt (this will save a textfile to your mod directory with the content of the console text)
Open this textfile and find the line with the guid and name of the player you mean (looks like this --> PunkBuster Client: 12 1234abcd(?) OK 10.0 0{0|0} PlayerName)
Upload your demo to a filehoster ( should be the best )


Guid (8 Alphanumerics)
Kind of cheat
Link to demo

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