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> Fake servers
post Mar 27 2010, 02:35 PM
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I hope this post in placed in the right place, but if not feel free to moved to the right area.
Now to my topic, it concerns of fake servers. Ofcourse we cant do nothing about fake servers, they are on the master list. But what about where these fake servers are directing the players too. Im sure they are directing players to a 'real' server with 'real' players.

Not everyone can have these fake servers, but dont you think they are taking advantage to boost their player counts and isnt this unfair? What about normal servers and even new servers trying to get some players on their server but they cant because larger servers are taking advantage like this. Not only that, the SL awards that gives to servers the Best place awards, some are given to servers that deserve it, but if its given to a server that has a fake server and gets that award is unfair. Not only that, the places which is able to get fake servers, real players who want to get a higher rating play there and may sometimes be awarded with other awards on SL and even bring their ratings higher
What i think that servers that do have fake servers should have their ratings taken off or something similar

Even im a server owner, i have 3 servers to look after, you might think im jealous, well sure you can think that if you want. Even im sure other server owner can think the way im thinking . What happened to having a fair competition amongst servers and getting players by hosting different mods, having different settings etc. Isnt SL against cheaters?

As you can see in the picture below, the ones that are fake servers are around the red square.

These servers above are being redirected to:


I dont mind even server owners of the above can say something i know they will

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post Mar 27 2010, 04:20 PM
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well thanks for your report but redirecting servers to another one isnt cheating imo. ET is slowly dying and the only reason its not dying faster are good communities and servers that use the available knowledge to keep the servers busy with players. Even though i agree that this way of filling a server isnt "fair" against smaller servers or admins that wheter dont have the knowledge or the ressources to do the same, i dont see any reason why this servers should be disabled.

cheers Tom
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post Mar 27 2010, 04:52 PM
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The server mention with F|A one's are mine. Here is the reason why:

Their are few/many regulars on our server who play from 2.6b. They all asked why their is no F|A server on 2.6b listed? Technically I can't make server listed on both on same port. So, for my 3 jaymod servers i made 3 servers on 2.6b on their recommendation. Here is what few players told me. I am just posting the one which contacted me personally using PM.

I have been playing on your community server's quite often. I used to run my own server, but due to lack of funding we closed it. I can understand your clan doesn't run any server on 2.6b but is it possible to at least list the server on 2.6b so player have chance to join your server? The reason I am asking for this is because we have played on many servers but half are filled with cheaters. Server admins will not stream to PBBans or will not run any cvar or md5 scans to remove cheaters, in order to keep their server popular. I checked top 20 servers listed on gametracker and it was funny to see out of top 20, 50-80% don't stream and if they do they will not even run cheat scans to keep their server popular cos they like cheaters more to keep their server popular. Here is the link I used for checking: http://www.pbbans.com/msi.php I hope you can do that. Thanks.

I got few request like that and hence after that I started 3 server on 2.6b which redirects to my 3 servers on 2.55.

All those 3 are listed with F|A tag. After their request I decided to run server on 2.6b, because it gives option to you, that would you like to get redirect with "Yes" or "No". It's player's choice to CLICK "Yes" or "No". If they like our server they stay or they move on. We have 3 Jaymod and the third one we started in Europe on special request from Euro players so they can play with less pings.

To be honest I even told NQ dev team that please allow 2.55 server owners to use NQ 1.2.7. Their are many players on 2.55. NQ dev team thinks if server admin will move on 2.6b, players will also patch and move to 2.6b. It's so not true. Their are always new people who download 2.55 installation and start playing. We are trying our best to make 2.55 players patch to 2.6b.


Those 86 just voted. We made many players patch to 2.6b because thats how it should be. But if you are asking to remove 3 redirect and move my other 2.55 server to 2.6b then it's not going to happen because few admin tried it and here was the result:

I hope that helps. My motive is simple:
1. Run server with cheat scans.
2. Make each player on 2.55 patch to 2.6b with time. (We are trying)

I am not here to fight with anyone, but if you have some suggestions feel free to tell me. I will reply to it till the talk remains in civilized manner.
Have a nice day.

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post Mar 27 2010, 05:57 PM
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if those redirect server would shown the real amount/names of players i would find it nothing to criticism. much 2.55 servers use some sort of more secure server binaries, so in fact isnt a walk backward. factually 2.55 masterlisted servers are better visited.
i see only the possibile abuse of 99/100 player stats and even higher convergence to force a more aggressive presense on top 5.

other thought could be to implement a self updating client(2.55) versus 2.60b over the way to integrate some 2.55 update servers.

but could be a too big experiment, at least people just wanna play.

+ fair/maybe realtime statistics
- abuse of statistics

its a question of responsability.

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post Mar 28 2010, 02:28 PM
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Thanks for the replies. Everyone has their own choice which ET version they would like to run so im not asking you to change. I run 1 2.60b and 2 2.55+ servers ( see my signature below). Your server is popular as it and even for people to connect to your servers from 2.60b just give them the IP 01lol.gif I dont think you guys will need those redirect servers on 2.60b in my opinion. But with servers that aint so popular and taking advantage of it makes it unfair. The 2.60b i run has been online for over 5 months, all you need is patience and with the help of bots it will get players on eventually grin.gif
The image i put on my 1st topic was servers on the 2.60b master list

I do like the motives you have said, Im also doing my best to convert more players to 2.60b, and even theres now full 2.60b installation of ET around the net which is a plus. Also all my servers are NQ, i also do wish that NQ can change its mind with the whole NQ only works with 2.60b installation, because as you said they need to realise most players are on 2.55 than 2.60b and with the whole development of 2.55+ patched servers ( thanks redfactor) cheers.gif it gives the upper advantage for 2.55. So i hope the next release or any future releases of NQ they would give 2.55 a chance.

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