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[splatterladder] Board _ SL. Enemy Territory Group _ Gameservers & Teamspeak Rules

Posted by: StoerFaktoR Dec 23 2016, 03:00 PM

The following rules apply to all splatterladder gameservers

Fairplay, teamplay and fun are the biggest parts of Enemy Territory and on our servers...

-- Spawnkill with heavy weapons or spawncamping is forbidden (means also shooting with mortar or sniper from own spawn)
-- NO Teambleeding , useless pushing or teamkills (with heavy weapons)
-- Please watch your words (no insults , badwords or racist comments)
-- English or german are the only languages which are allowed in mainchat ( for other languages please use private messages or fireteam chats)
-- No one likes players who always whine or complain ;)
-- Cheaters , buguser and racists ...well sometimes we wish to have a black hole on our servers :P

Teamspeak rules:

-- Stay nice and be friendly
-- Background noises like a vacuum , dogs , cats , rats , reindeers, rainbow colored unicorns , crashing asteroids , crying girls while having s*x or scolding mothers have to prevented :P
-- Please DON'T cry , whine or complain about everything (unless you voted "Die Grünen" in Germany)
-- Drunken people are sometimes funny but also loud , unintelligible and NOT wanted on our teamspeak ;)

NON SL. servers:
If you play on NON Sl. servers then:

-- Respect and follow their server rules
-- Don't be a fool
-- Do not recruit players on other servers

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