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Wenn du Werbung für deinen Server machen willst, dann solltest du folgende Angaben nicht vergessen:
- Servername in der Betreffzeile
- IP-Adresse
- Serverregeln?
- URL zu deinem Server oder benutze [servermonitor]
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> [=G!X=] Clan
post Nov 2 2015, 01:01 AM
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Group: Members

Joined: 30-January 15
Member No.: 459095

[=G!X=] Clan is up and is under new management!

We are looking for gamers that wants to play and be in a social clan.
Our clan does not have the main goal to become the biggest and best Clan in Wolfenstein ET, but our goal is to become a social and pleasant clan, Quality is better than quantity.
We are mostly playing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory though we have a minecraft survival server to expand out of Wolfenstein more.
We have info about our servers at our forum wich I will link at bottom though atm an admin confirmation is needed to complete registering but you can still find our server IPs and names without registering.
Most of the clan is located in the United States but we also have some members from EU.

G!X Blue our frag server and minecraft server is located in the US.

and G!X Pink sniping is located in EU.

I hope to see some of you online!

Our site/forum is located at: http://www.gixclan.com/

If you have any further questions, Feel free to PM/reply or hit me up ingame, im usually rolling on Pink by the name Eric.

Da Rules:

The GIX Clan sees itself as a fun clan, so fun should always be the priority. Always remember that Enemy Territory is a game. As a gaming community, [=G!X=], is characterized by a friendly meeting, in particular because the clan members come from all parts of the world.

These rules are created to protect our community and individual members and to ensure that we continue to keep a good reputation. If we keep our game clean and treat others with respect, our opponents and teammates will do so as well.

The game and the fun should always be in the foreground. The following rules are easy to follow and have to be followed and respected by all!


Each game is just a game and we should also consider this as such. You win and you lose . Even if you lose, we will always be fair. That means no whining, no crying or other childish behavior .

Because the members of the clan come from all parts of the world, insults are prohibited of every kind.


Admin levels and the rank in the clan is given by the Co-Leaders and above. Never ask or beg for any admin level, either for you or for someone else. It's the decision of the Co-Leader or above to promote someone or to give someone a special clan rank. As an admin you should act like a mature person.

Promos can be given by Co-Leaders up to level 7. Admin promotions above 7 will only be given by the respective Server Owner, General or Supreme.

Don’t use your admin or your [=G!X=] membership to command anyone, just because you don’t like him/her or he/she doesn’t treat you like you wanted to be treated. You are not allowed to use ANY command for your personal amusement, to end the map in an illegal way, get the objective or just because you don’t like someone.

Possible disallowed commands:
!fling, !launch, !throw, !smite, !shake, !splat, !slap, !freeze, !burn, !gib, !disorient, !rocket, !nade


It is strictly prohibited to use cheats in any form. Any member caught cheating in any way, will be banned from the clan! If you suspect botting or foul play you must spectate the person in question. If you find them doing something wrong, give a warning. If they continue, you are allowed to !kick or !ban with a reason. Report the foul play to your owner.

Furthermore it is prohibited to use ANY kind of glitches; this also counts for multi-satchels.

[=G!X=] Members caught botting or using any kind of hacks will have their level stripped and be permanently banned and removed from the clan. No excuses!!!


All Members should participate actively in the [=G!X=] clan life. This means regular visits to the forum, participation in discussions in the forum and if a member of an active scrimteam also participation in wars and training sessions. Make effort if possible to visit [=G!X=] social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Help promote your clan.

It is the duty of every member to work for the community and to make the clan name positively known. Insulting remarks on your own or on third-party servers or guestbooks/forums of other clans are to be omitted in case of recurrence and lead to exclusion from the clan.

Extended Absence should be posted before in the forum.

There should be shown a certain interest for [=G!X=]. You do not have to be online every day but it should be shown that you are happy to be a member of [=G!X=].


§ 5.1 In-Game Rules

Again, Enemy Territory is a video-game! You win and you loose. The fun is always in the foreground. Still, to play the game correctly and fair, following instructions should be followed.

Play as a team. ET is designed to strengthen team-play. Use your class to support your team. Keep rambo-medics in limits. Because team-play is so important, teampushing, teamkilling or teambleeding (if FF is enabled) is not allowed.

You are not allowed to Walljump, this also counts for jumps to objectives, which you couldn't do without double-jump. Any jump in a non-legit way (shortcut) to the objective or to finish the map is NOT allowed!

Trickjumping is not allowed. (Unless you are on a trickjump server obviously)

You are not allowed to collect XP ("XP whoring") in a non-legit way. Get your XP in the fight and legal. Pubbers or members collecting XP in non-legit ways will be warned. If they continue, their XP will be zeroed.

§ 5.2 In-Game behavior

If you are able to enable to turn on panzerwar, sniperwar, crazygravity or anything like this, always remember to roll it back, when you leave the server OR when pubbers join the server!!

Don't restart the map, shuffle the teams or swap the teams for your personal amusement. You are only allowed to restart, swap or shuffle, after a vote was called and passed. Keep in mind that you as admin and member of [=G!X=] are responsible to have fair teams! Don't stick all good players to one team.

You are not allowed to rename any BOT or pubber. You are ONLY allowed to rename a pubber, when he/she uses disrespecting or racists names! Ask the pubber to fix the offense prior to you taking admin action. If a pubber asks for help with his name, you can rename him.

Try to use English in the main-chat. Reduce your non-english conversations to PM's or fireteam chat. Be easy with this rule. Not everyone is able to speak English.

Furthermore use voice or text-binds wisely. Spamming voice chat or text-binds (e.g. Reloading...) will count as spam. Don't spam the in-game chat.


The [=G!X=]clan forum is divided in different sections by subjects. If you make a new topic, post it in the right section. Don't spam the forum with useless posts/ topics. If you would like to spam, use the spam-section of the forum.

Be advised, that the forum will automatically delete threads (without activity) after a certain time. This is done for the purpose of clarity.

Subjects with the following contents are forbidden:

- Sexual contents and/or pornography
- Power-glorifying or repellent contents
- Power-glorifying contents or hatred contents
- Slanderous contents
- Dangerous and injurious act
- Sales or trade of illegal drugs or other unlawful substances
- Massive Spam and undesirable E-Mails
- Phishing (password theft) or Malware
- Credit card deception
- Links to websites which contains piracy, hacking or warez content.

Anyone posting subjects with these contents will lead in a forum ban (2-7 days).
This also counts for signatures or avatars.

Furthermore you are not allowed to use forum-names which contains any violence, discriminating or pornographic content.


Rule changes can and will be made by mutual agreement within the Clan via forum votes or discussions. In circumstances where a mutual agreement cannot be reached, [=G!X=] Supremes will have the final decision for any Rule Changes


Each member should read the [=G!X=] rules at least quarterly to ensure all changes are known and followed. All rule changes are valid for all [=G!X=] members and visitors at all times. Rule changes/edits will be communicated accordingly via forums.
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Wolf Enstein
post Nov 2 2015, 01:59 PM
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Group Icon General of the Army

Group: Management

Joined: 5-August 05
From: Scotland
Member No.: 12398

Good luck with your servers, Eric, thanks for posting the info cheers.gif .


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post Nov 5 2015, 04:52 PM
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Group: Members

Joined: 30-January 15
Member No.: 459095

Party on all [=G!X=] ET servers.

The party is set to be on the 7th of November, It will be during the full day, Since we have members from US and EU.
Roll in on Pink and show whos the sniping boss, or go to Blue and be the King of fragging.

I (eric) will spend most of the time on pink, on and off from 11am to probably 3am the 8th (UTC+1) and I'm looking forward to meeting you all ingame!

So why dont you come and bring some friends to join a FPS party and have some fun with old and new friends?

Feel free to comment on facebook if your able to show up!

We will be posting Updates Here from time to time :)

Pink IP:
Blue IP:

Lots of Love,
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