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Full Version: some questions about rating
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I have some questions about the ranking system.
I say sorry in advance if they have already been answered before, but I searched a bit, without finding a clear answer.

So, here are my questions:

1. How come that ‘new’ players start with a rating of 0?
If the rating should somewhat reflect a player’s skill, then it’s a bit improbable for a player to have 0 skill, especially if he’s a pro player who just changed nickname.

2. Do these ‘new’ players count, for the rating of the other players in a map?
I mean, if a pro player with 0 rating plays a session, he will lower the average rating (because he has 0), but raise the average ppm (because he’s not bad), thus giving a poorer evaluation for all the others. Is this correct?

3. In chess, afaik, players with lower elo have a bigger ‘k-factor’, that is their score can change faster than the one of a higher rated player. Is SL score like this, too, or everyone has the same factor?

In short, I think that giving a base rating to new players, maybe not counting them for x hours (in the other's player rating calculation), and possibly making their score adjust faster for a while, to reflect their real performance as fast as possible, would be more accurate for all.

Of course I know that if something has not been implemented, there must have been a valid reason for it, but I was just curious to know.

thanks for your time

please take a look at the
The main calculation is based on elo.
It is not possible to start with a rating x instead of 0 for a new nick.
And yes the rating of a skilled player with rating 0 is changing faster than the rating of a skilled player with rating x.

If you have further questions feel free to ask.
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