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Full Version: where do i find splatterladder rules posted?
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The Benevolent Adversary
well it seems i have been breaking rules i didnt realize were in existance sorry. i posted some ips on the wrong forum and they were removed so which exactly is the right forum? sorry about that but the server i play on (which it seems is unliked here) closed down on all the players without warning so this is one of the places myself and others have been trying to connect with our old friends didnt realize this site would have problems with posting a server adress which i guess you dont if it is in the right spot. so please what is the right spot and where can i find the rules?
use private messaging.

a serverowner can advert his server in this category
QUOTE (NHLfan @ Jun 26 2010, 12:45 AM) *
use private messaging.

a serverowner can advert his server in this category

We are run as a community not as any one single person though?

I am only the mouth piece, I feel I may have cocked that one up. :/
You're totally right, we've got some kind of unstated rules that we base our moderating actions on. These are pretty obvious ones, like moving posts into a fitting category, deleting clan applications that are posted somewhere else but in the correct thread and - which fits on that topic - keeping an eye on advertisements which should be limited to the Servers forum. If we see someone not complying these rules, we usually leave a message, if they keep doing that, we might take further actions.
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