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Full Version: Name stealer
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Can someone help me? There is some F****r who use my name + try to join differend clans...

Hate& forum:

Tell Something About Your Self:
Age : 19
Country : Estonia/Tallinn

X-Fire/MSN: don't use other :S but i can download x-fire

Nick In-game: D3m0ni

Old clan's: never been any because never wanted

Old Names: D3mOnioO

Maximal Rating : 20.65

Your Current Rating With A SL-link: SL:;idx=35593480

Reason Why You Wanna Join us: Searching some good clan where need some higger stats

100+ Frags Screen Shots :

Frag vid's: none

Extra: Trials are getting 2-3 weeks max to get a rate of 20.50. Trials need to behave in their trial period:)

.Sexy forum:

my SL link :;idx=35593480

I never play jaymod...

Ye he applied to us ,
Hes a faker ..
But sl can't do anything about i think ..
I've been in 2 clans with The real d3moni, so this is a faker, but i dunno what sl can do about it mate srry
We do nothing about it - you could also ask any other forum, clan, player or else to do something about him, there is nothing to do.
Sorry, nothing we can do against it, though, this M!kzu and a lot of other names also applied at n1, h&h, @re$ and some other clans, so I guess he's denied everywhere :)
Thanks for the responses!
I can only laugh at this situation grin.gif Some crazy kid just wanna have some fun? grin.gif
Btw: when im playing my xfire is open (ajantappaja) so you can see that it's me whos playing.

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