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Full Version: Bug in player ID's?
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This is my ID and I'm pretty sure about it as I reserved it years ago and played in most of the server displayed.
But I noticed today when I logged in the usual grey part in my name turned white and I would have supposedly played in these server which I've never even been on:
1 NbsEtpro!!!!!
2 ib!public powered by Hova and unforgiven
4 Himalia [silEnT]
5 DoGsWaR LaTiNo EtPuB XpSaVe

Normally I don't give a shit about people using the same name as I do. But the fact this guy manages to use my SL-ID kind of pisses me off. I can't imagine such can be achieved just by using the same name, can it?

Also, this guy seems to be using SoF tags just a few hours/minutes ago.


that is not a bug, its just some annoying people.

You cant prevent other people from playing with a playnick that has exactly the same letters than you have. All you can do is to register your nick including your colorcodes - that way the others session history will still be displayed bu not rated, except he uses the same colorcodes as you do.

Please see for further information on how to register your name.

Within your tracker settings you find this option:
Tracker Settings (optional)
Enter your complete player name including color codes (^) here, if the tracker should only track this color code. This way other color-coded clan names are ignored.
Leave this field empty to ignore color-coding.

Thats all you can do.
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