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Full Version: Tracker shows restarted maps but not true
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My test server seems to show bad infos to SL, but there was no MAP RESTART, nor a bug in warmup duration ?


There is in SplatterLadder two other chaosmod servers, and their "rotation history" is showing normal.

And I have g_serverinfo=1 - doc says :
g_serverInfo [bitmask]

    Use this cvar to change the behaviour of the 'serverinfo' string. This string is printed in response to the 'getstatus' primative command used by game browsers. This is a bitflag cvar that currently accepts the following flags:

        Display player team information using the 'P' cvar in the server info string. (etpro and etmain 2.60 behaviour)

What's wrong ? (not important for me, just for information)

Thx in advance
Very good question.
I`ll have a closer look on that behavior.

I found that SL tracker had no problem, but chaosmod 0.2.0 is really bugged, server crashes after 2-3 maps (on windows and linux) . So server informations can not be true xD
As the project chaosmod is dead, I went back to jaymod, and no more problems, bye. brutale.gif
Thanks for your infos $mart. cheers.gif
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