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Feel free to post any question, any feedback and any useful tipp in this forum.

Doesn't work for me:

1/ The file ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~zz_etkey_mjss.pk3 is copied on jaymod directory of my server, stop/restart ok
2/ I manually rename my etkey on my computer
3/ But when I join server, I have the standard message " Invalid GUID - may be temporary problem - try reconnect"

And the game did not download the pk3 ...

PS: the server is not running PB, the only way to connect without etkey is to click DISABLE PUNKBUSTER just before cliking on JOIN SERVER
I've also tried with enhmod forcevar cl_punkbuster 0 but KO : it is not executed because you can't really join server

Where am I wrong ?? I already have pk3 add-ons on server, and they download correctly.
Smart, I`ll setup an jaymod server to test it by myself. Unfortunality I`m not familar with jaymod at all atm. But I`ll try to find a solution.
What now with sl ratings when PB is out of ET and most clans turn it off on their servers because of errors and other problems?
At the moment we keep it like it has been before:

anticheat on = rating on
anticheat off = rating off

The fact that PB for ET is no longer supported with updates doesnt mean that PB isnt present anymore in ET. It still cleans the server from players using old hacks.

Thats all so far.
I`m personally be afraid of ranking server without any cheatprotection.
It`s IMO only a question of time ( and school--holidays) util toplist turns into the "best" cheater list when each server is ranked.

Dunno if it's offtopic but whats up with slac or tzlac? dunno anymore how it's called.
Are they dead?...if not, it would be cool if it could be compatible for other mods too, not only etpro...
TZAC is the actual name of the formaly slac called software.
Its active, but AFAIK not for unix and mac. So not only the mod limitation have to be removed.

Hi, wouldn "pb_cdkeyreg" just give you a new key when openng the game actually ?
- -
got this command in my pbcl.cfg and i was thinkin about the actual redirect to (not sure if allready down now), so could it be possible to replace the site with or smth related to auto-get a new key ingame ::

pb_cdkeyreg is broken since the EB master is down.

To generate the key "ingame" some modders need to implement the code in the mod.
ATM I see no chance to redirect the URI because this need (AFAIK) to change the et-binary.

So I prefer to redirect new player to a fullinstaller with auto etkey generator (available at and

Kind Regards
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