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Hi Folks,
I`ll tell you some facts about Splatterladder in this thread.

The reason for this is, that I got asked several times about some SL details, which are not "not for your eyes" ;)

The first question I`ll try to answer to the user satisfaction is the following:

  • What kind of server is hosting the Splatterladder project?

To host the site and running the tracker, a lot of power is nedded
SL is splitted in two parts:
Those are
  • The Website (including the trackers for ET/RtCW, CoD and ioUrT)
  • The forum

Both are running on different dedicated server.
The tracker is running on a Hetzner EX4S server with 32GB of RAM (atm. the database, webserver and tracker uses about 26GB of RAM, the database processes an average of 5,5k queries per second, a quadcore Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz)
The forum is hosted on a slightly older machine, a Hetzner EQ4 (with "only" 8GB RAM and an Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz)
The reason for splitting up SL are simple
  • We need about 700GB! backup space for the SL website and databae
  • To avoid a longer offline phase of the SL if one server dies (with much lower performance if the tracker needs to run on the forums server)

In addition to this, also our mumble voiceserver hosting service is consuming a little processing power. But is set up on a virtual machine on the main server (the EX4S)

  • Whats the reason for the decission to display ads on SL?

As mentioned above, this project need a lot of server power. Those servers are not free. Also there are further bills to get paid. Here a short list of the main costs of SL:
  • Main Server (EX4S): €49 / month
  • Forum and Backup Server (EQ4): €49 / month
  • Domains ( ,, €38/ year): € 3 / month
    This makes in sum over € 100 / month.

    The donations we reveived were in average €7 / month.
    As you can see, there is a difference of more than €90 per month.

    To decrease this amount, I decided by myself to place an ad on the Splatterladder main site (maybe you noticed that no ads are placed on serverlist, clanlist or other content than the news)

    Just to clarify:
    This revenue is not very high. I enabled the ads at july 8th. The total revenue is round about USD93.
    And thats the reason for the decission to nag ad-blockers 4 times a day. spanking.gif

So if you belive my words and you want to support me, don`t hesitate to click on the ads (and maybe also download the media player offered there) maybe once a day.

Good thing to share this info schnoog. Eventually the on or other user or clan will now decide if it isn΄t time to make a small donation once in a while.

Ii mean for real:
How much money do you spend for nothing or throw away if your drink or meal isnt the way you want it right now? Yeah, that is a hundred times more that 99.99999% of all users of splatterladder ever donated to help keeping it alive.

But with the ads activated you now have the chance to give something back to sl even without having to spend a dollar, dime, pound, euro or whatever.
OK, but question please: after downloading, is the billing done ? or do we need to install the soft in order SL to receive money ?
Wolf Enstein
Leave it with me, Schnoog, it's about time our Clan donated more cash to SL, you've done plenty for us cheers.gif .
as i wrote in the past :) big thanks to the sl. community ^^
Thanks mates :)

@ smart: As far as I see, downloading the software triggers the revenue.
I downloaded it right now. But guys be sure not to click on a popup window but download it via click on the site itself, so the "regular download window" (ff for example) opens.

I just had to laugh for the popup screen after clicking download. See attached file.
Had a word with our guys and they are sending me cash once those amounts are in I will send you the full amount I receive schnoogmeister it's the very least we can do for all your hard work and support over the years

cheers.gif cheers.gif
Thanks mate.
But the intention of this thread was not to remind people to donate.
It was only because I was asked why I have placed ads @ SL (and also and Wolffiles [which is running on a third, dedicated, server)

I`m glad to be able to support the community (even if I play more CoD4 than ET atm).


Based in the fact, that the advertiser we use recently is not very high in revenue ( in mean 1,15 Euro a day), I`ve activated a new ad in parallel.
This one is paid for each registration done for one of over 200 games (revenue about 1,5USD / registration).
Hopefully this will help to balance my costs.
Maybe you could place the ads in vertical than horizontal direction because as they are shown now, it stretches the screen so i need to resize my browser tab size grin.gif motz.gif
i still block the ads, but donated some money for sl :)

the money is out from the box of the etc clan from all members who donated.
Thanks to {WEB} and ETc| for donating to help keep up sl. cheers.gif

And ofc thanks to all others that donated lately like |Qubenet and (HBC)Labrat. cheers.gif
Gut-zu-Voegeln *Trinity*
any BTC-adresses for donations? PM me
Bin grad dabei eine BC-Brieftasche zu erstellen, leider ist der Sync grottenlangsam.
BiCAdresse steht jetzt:

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