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Full Version: Houston - we`ve got a problem
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Hi folks,

maybe you`ve took notice of it, maybe not.
But at the moment we`ve massive problems tracking server with more than (round about)30 player.
The reason for this is now almost investigated.

Our hoster (Hetzner) was target of a hugh DDoS attack on next to last weekend.
This DDoS ripped of 2 of their datacenter.

To get rid of those attacks, Hetzner implemented a DDoS protection, which is in my opinion an overkill.

We query all server from list with udp packets. They`re reponding with the server data, sent also within udp packets.
If an udp packet has an size over X bytes, the DDoS protection only let the first 300bytes passing.

Our tracker than tries to parse the response and marks the server as down, because the packet is not entirely received.

I`m in contact with Hetzner and to find a solution for us.
(Tbh: Hetzner was my choice, because it`s low in costs compared with other hosting companies, and provided a great service [until yet],
but if we don`t find a solution, I have to move to another hoster to keep our loved Splatterladder alive.)
Wolf Enstein
Well, difficult times indeed, Schnoog. Here's hoping that a solution can be found with the current hosts, sooner rather than later.
Bad news.
Please stay tuned.
I`ve currently ordered a new server from another hoster. When it`s available for me, I will transfer SL to the new server.
(thanks god I used a virtual server on the current rootserver for our services (SL, SV...), so at least the transfer should (keep the finger crossed) be possible quickly)
Hi Folks,

Splatterladder-Pages were transfered to the new server, hopefully it`s running without problems.
Wolf Enstein
Great news, Schnoog, let's hope that solves the problem once and for all super.gif .
well dont seem like a decent DDoS protection if it only blocks large packets, normal is to mitigate the bad packets at some scrubbing center and return "clean" traffic.
Hope you will find a solution for this.
I`m in close contactto Mr. Hetzner now and got a (confidential) answer from the network support team.
If they are able to manage the protection, I`ll move back to Hetzner (it`s not only a matter of costs, also the networking is (beside the current issue) better there).
Wolf Enstein
Everything seems to be working fine again, Schnoog. We can also connect to Splatterladder Teamspeak too, just type and connect to
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