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Full Version: Switching from xfire to evolve (ETPlayer Evolve userid DB)
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nsa and some other people are moving to since xfire is shutting down. I wanted to make a list of people's evolve accounts. If there are multiple people using the same name in the same country their clan/team is next to their name. Also there should be some improvements soon because Evolve client is getting completely re-made.

If you want to be added to this list, reply to this post with your ET name, country and evolve username.

sneak: sneak310
min: etminerva
SP: breadfang
Banana: BananazPhone
ToadvinE: ToadvinE
keaaa: keaaa
gAtsby: weeZy999
ForGoTTen: ForGoTTeNET
rizzen: rizzen
zexxxxxx: zexvew
tAukima: taukima
Jemstar: jemstar
R!dd!ck: artg
Frodo: frodo999
Arkinder: Arkinder
Polish Cow Tipper: magichat
Recon (EvilSmurfs): esRecon
Zelly: ZellyEllyBear
Tomun: Tomun
Wings: wings00

Some features of Evolve are lacking what xfire used to have and it doesn't work properly in etpro. If people reply to this thread saying they also want support for etpro and other things it would likely happen fast.
QUOTE (rehhhh @ Jun 16 2015, 05:51 PM) *

do you ever have anything useful to say or are you still butthurt that I let people know that you spread cheats for ET?
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