Hey there.
Somehow im not able to get Sound working.
What ive done so far...uninstalled Pulse Audio, and installed ALSA.
All Sounds work fine except for ET. sadd.gif

Ive tried all the Suggestions on here: https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Spiele/Wolfenst...ritory#source-5
But none of them solved it...

Always the same, when i start up ET it says: could not open /dev/dsp/
Given, dsp does not exist in /dev/, but what im gonna do about that?

Basically id need to know how to actually get /dev/dsp/.
Tried my Luck on Google, but i didn't find the right thing yet.
Any Help appreciated.

Actually got it working now, stupid me forgot to copy a File...all good and working.
Thanks for taking your Time to read this anyway. :)