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Full Version: Thompson Vs. MP40 Shootout
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Wolf Enstein
The American Thompson SMG and the German MP40 went against one another on both the Western and Eastern Fronts in World War II. The United States used the Thompson as its standard SMG for the bulk of the conflict, while the Red Army made use of several that they had acquired under lend-Lease.

The Germans were equipped primarily with the venerable 9mm MP40 SMG which lacked the Thompson's select-fire capability, but was lighter, cheaper to produce, and had a higher capacity.

So which of these two SMGs is truly the better gun? Well, Alex and Patrick hit the range to try and find out.... brutale.gif :


not an expert with weapons lol but maybe the mp40 ?
mp40 ofc.
MP40 grin.gif
most of the allied weapons are sh*t :P
Wolf Enstein
QUOTE (StoerFaktoR @ Apr 15 2016, 11:01 AM) *
MP40 grin.gif
most of the allied weapons are sh*t :P

grin.gif super.gif
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