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Full Version: ETPub with Shrubbot
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Wolf Enstein
Hi folks,

I was wondering how you activate "shrubbot" on your "ETPub" server, without activating "Punkbuster" too? Any ideas would be much appreciated cheers.gif .
Isn't it just that you have to put shrubbot.cfg on server. NO Punkybusty is needed.
Wolf Enstein
QUOTE (-|D|-Ray @ Mar 29 2017, 07:31 PM) *
Isn't it just that you have to put shrubbot.cfg on server.

I've no idea, Ray, I've never installed it before gruebel.gif .

Sorry, I don't remember anymore. grin.gif

only with punkbuster. I think without pb, the most things are not working ( commands related to players).
I had etpub 12 years ago grin.gif. But as i remember you have an etpub server?

g_shrubbot [filename]

    This should be set to the name of your shrubbot.cfg file if you want to enable shrubbot. See shrubbot documentation for more information about this file.


    g_shrubbot "shrubbot.cfg"

    This depends on punkbuster's guid, so don't turn this on unless you have punkbuster enabled on your server.

    Default is "" (Disabled)

use something instead the etpub admin. I never tested it, but sounds good
Wolfy and ray Watch your pm
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