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Full Version: Day of Infamy Cooperative Video
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Wolf Enstein
One of our Clan-made videos all about "Day of Infamy" cooperative mod, an aspect of the game that should be receiving a lot more attention than it does. It's a truly awesome game mode which focusses on teamplay and objectives super.gif :

Wolf Enstein
For the next 2 days "Day of Infamy" is on sale, 33% off the normal price, which means that you can now get the game for only 10.04 nicken.gif :

This limited-time offer is available at the "Humble Store" HERE flak.gif

Here's our latest Clan video, playing "Day of Infamy" cooperative "Stronghold" mode, it's always tons of fun grin.gif :
Sorry for bothering you, but I'm confused. Is this a remaster version of Day of Infamy Source? Or is it stand-alone version, something like Counter Strike GO?

EDIT: Looks super interesting!
Wolf Enstein
It's the "stand alone" version of the "Insurgency" WWII modification, John. We play it regularly now because it's the only new WWII FPS available that actually requires teamwork and has genuine map objectives to complete.
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