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Wolf Enstein
Yo$hik from the "Wolfenstein" community has pieced together all the small bits of video adveritising footage for "Post Scriptum" and created one video, with excellent results super.gif :

Weird choice of title, wow, feels like C++ app building course. Too much games competing for the single spot at the moment, plus AAA titles can't reach that realism mark, say indies teams. Sounds like another promise fundraiser.
Wolf Enstein
There's another new game too, Nerwitz, our Clan has bought it and we'll be testing the "alpha" very soon. It's called, "Hell Let Loose":

Another one, dear! Same tech-demo showcase looks, I believe it when I see it in playable form.

Nwaah, I need a vietnam shooter with class abilities like placing traps, no aim down sights, perfect weapons match, multi-tactic approach to eliminating opponents, like sneaking and breaking necks and squad objectives in same style, a good cover system and balance of things, NO competitive, "game as service" bs. Something that shines resemblance to Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, with strong focus on progressive battles on foot that end in definitive objective match blast. Mix in some combined tactics, shake up the formula, blow the fish out of the water. You're either building a simulation game or a tech demo with "unlike visuals", you can't do both to respectable for the player level.

Per usual ET is here for long to keep us close together, f*ck else.

I am from now on calling it WET cause once Riverport (the map) hits, we all go wet. Phehehe!
Wolf Enstein
QUOTE (N3rwitZ @ Mar 27 2018, 02:36 PM) *
You're either building a simulation game or a tech demo with "unlike visuals", you can't do both to respectable for the player level.

I don't agree, bro, now that we have the wonderful "Unreal 4" engine to create things with. Anyway, Dogster and me will let you know on the 7th of April what "Hell Let Loose" is actually like, we should have tested it by then grin.gif .

Also, there's no "NDA", (Non-Disclosure Agreement), attached to "Hell Let Loose", so we'll probly have a video to show you too zwinker.gif .
Aaaa dunno, I don't fancy engines without extensive modding ability, like it I can spice up the game many ways, do whatever I want with. Unreal being pain in the ass since... ever, ain't it open like idTech3, I just don't buy into it. Say want my games truly moddable, from visuals to anything. Else, I don't feel interested.

I'll gladly check out anything you have!
Wolf Enstein
Here's some new combat footage that we can expect to see in "Post Scriptum", folks nicken.gif :

Not bad on looks, definitely too much green. Urban maps considered, like in-city maps?
Wolf Enstein
QUOTE (N3rwitZ @ Apr 3 2018, 12:13 AM) *
.....Urban maps considered, like in-city maps?

The maps are all huge in size and are copies of the actual environments in which each battle took place. You fight your way through the countryside and then into towns and villages, just as all the soldiers actually had to do, bro.
Stalingrad or we're done! Fight for the Stalingrad fits the scenario well. Hopefully take place on both eastern and western fronts. Then I may be interested to check it out.
Wolf Enstein
The latest video trailer teaser for "Post Scriptum" zwinker.gif :

Some in-game testing 2018-04-14 brutale.gif :

only via Steam ?
To disappoint you, yes, Steam here to stay forever. I don't always use that, I don't buy digital games too, for the exact same reason I dislike these centralized platforms that put games I own behind a log-in screen, if else you can opt in to play offline, I am okay. Anyhow a game on Steam means it runs Steamworks for servers. Meaning then you can't play online, you're obliged to be part of the cloud. AAA--f*ck that age of nonsense.

Either 3rd party online services, like Gamespy replacement server some games' communities provide, say CNCNet for older Command & Conquer titles, or nothing.

Am a born old-skool chap! Some people prefer to play a game and not bother stats, achievements and trading cards shit, I am one that if on Steam, any live service, I never care about that, them things are made by competitive players for competitive players, am truly old fasion, yeah. My 5 cents on Steam focused multiplayer.
Wolf Enstein
Tiger Tank and Waffen SS footage from "Post Scriptum", as they fight against British Paratroopers brutale.gif :

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