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Full Version: Pimp my SL again...
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Winter is comming! Evenings getting longer! Time to pimp the SL!

That is why we used our braincells to let the SL shine in a new glance! There have been so many tipps and ideas in the meanwhile that it was time to implement them. You can compare it nearly to a relaunch.
Many features and essential changes were made. To give a little foretaste to what you can expect we provide you with some info which you might look forward to:
  • The biggest change is a comletely new trackercore, which lets run the SL much faster and stable. At the same time we are able to establish a new rating-system, wich is essentially fairer and more clear-transparent and no more manipulable. Also we are able to provide more than one huge rankinglist in the future.
  • There will be an entire over-worked sessioncalculation, which is much more informative. Additionally the annoying excluding of maps and servers will be omitted.
  • Abutting to the in-game-browser the SL gets a truely personalizable serverlist inclusive its own permanent-filter. You will only see what you want to see!
  • Certainly through this relaunch the SL have been optimised in the core to push the serverscans from 90 seconds to glaring 30 seconds.
    Based on the motto: "D(G)one in 30 seconds"
With more stats, more speed and even more features you will get the best SplatterLadder ever!

The new SL will raise next Wednesday (25th of october). Because the ip-adress is being also changed there will be short downtime of 2 or 3 hours during that day. The forum is not affected.

Stay tuned, your SL-Team!
cheers.gif let the count down start feier.gif
|ABC| Alzo
Lookin forward to all the new u said earlier sl can be manipulated and hopefully put us all on a par with the changes and good luck.
QUOTE(sl.Binaural @ Oct 22 2006, 12:50 AM) [snapback]28258[/snapback]

we are able to establish a new rating-system, wich is essentially fairer and more clear-transparent and no more manipulable.

Could you guys give some info on how this new rating system works?

QUOTE(sl.Binaural @ Oct 22 2006, 12:50 AM) [snapback]28258[/snapback]

Also we are able to provide more than one huge rankinglist in the future.

Again some info on this would be great. Does this mean the new code can sort the rankings e.g. by mod?

In any case thanks for the great work!
Yep more infos how this new rating system work would be much appreciated nicken.gif
The news was ment as a foretaste! (As I have written...)
Everything regarding the rating-system will be explained when it is released.
Lab Rat
You guys rock friends.gif
Keep up the good work and thanks.gif
Hi how do i put an R by my name?
ZITAT(*SD*DarkDevil @ Oct 23 2006, 10:37 PM) [snapback]28359[/snapback]

Hi how do i put an R by my name?

Read the FAQs

and btw. you're offtopic
omg thankyou those ranks are wayyy off.. i usually played etpro i get on and see some guy arty whoring the entire time and his efficency is 21..

I hate fieldops sadd.gif


So is it still going to have the popularity serverz or can u just do it like now where u go down and can choose to look at

Top etpro serverlist from pop or lower lower to more popularity


jaymod etc..

Didn't understand that part doof.gif
yes keep good work up
Woo! More translating! grin.gif
sounds good guys super.gif
  • 30% - the files are imported and the new engine is converted now.
  • Shock for all of us: Proddi has built shit!!! respect.gif bash.gif spanking.gif
  • The new ranking engine is running now. The data have been integrated into the new Splatterladder firmware. On the other hand, if the integrity test is successful nothing speaks to open the system for you again.
  • now we wait for the ip-update of the dns-server
good work ............ respect.gif
nice work guys keep it up
sLy ?
go go go move out ur asses 01lol.gif

oke i wish me a sl reset :-) cheers.gif respect.gif delete all stats plz !
Rax spam hier nicht alle Threads voll. spanking.gif
Die einzigsten die hier spammen dürfen, das sind wir. grin.gif
So there isn't anymore server popularity rankingz i don't see how to get it right now<<
really nice job guys!
I am very very satisfied with the new splatter system
thank you!
I like the new system, but there is 1 thing I don't like.
We can't see our average Score/Minute and I'd love to check that.
Now we only see the time, rating time, rating, last seen and time total.
But not the score per minute sadd.gif
Could you please add that part?

But the other things are great grin.gif
Nice work zwinker2.gif super.gif
Schaut bist jetzt ganz lecker aus. cheers.gif
Auf die Gefahr hin, dass ich das komplett übersehen habe, muss ich aber mal fragen:
Wo fügt man denn einen neuen Server hinzu?
Früher gab's ein Eingabefeld. IP rein, Deckel druff und dann wurde er aufgenommen
und gescannt. help.gif
@pancasila: It isn't intended to show the average spm of each player because this value isn't meaningful.

@{NB}DrRyan: Du Hast es nich' übersehen. Das feature eigene Server hinzuzufügen wird nachgereicht, wir arbeiten dran. zwink.gif
Crazy-Killer Posted Yesterday, 09:57 PM
So there isn't anymore server popularity rankingz i don't see how to get it right now<<

Yep, you are right. Couldnt find this feature either. Will that popularity ranking be added the next days or is it gone?????

The server popularity comes back with extra listing. Stay Tuned! nicken.gif
EXZELLENT!! grin.gif
Ich schliesse mich den Komplimenten an Euch mal an. respect.gif
Echt krass, was man mit schlauen Köpfen so alles machen kann super.gif
thanks.gif für Euer Arrangement nicken.gif

Ganz großes Tennis Leute sign_fixed.gif
Really nice, now if someone cares about SL ratings he won't ruin them with playing on an ETPro stopwatch server and then won't make them better playing on some big XP-save, it makes sense now. Very nice. :)

Just one thing: some of the colours are wrong again, e.g. ^* is again shown as dark red and not light grey like it should be. But it's the only bad thing, I like everything else.


From home page, when i click sl.Serverlist this comes up :

IPB Image

ZITAT(Birdman @ Oct 26 2006, 02:03 PM) [snapback]28527[/snapback]


From home page, when i click sl.Serverlist this comes up :

IPB Bild


WORKAROUND: please press shift+reload on your browser. that will reload all ressources from sl.
¿Any explanation about the flags, please?

IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

ZITAT(kresala @ Oct 27 2006, 12:26 AM) [snapback]28604[/snapback]

¿Any explanation about the flags, please?

IPB Bild IPB Bild IPB Bild

not complete, but we work on it.
ok . you made me write my frist post on this forum zwinker2.gif
first of all - changes - just one word to describe it : WUNDERBAR thanks.gif

I was also wondering about the flags and thnx to Prodi for that link. just one thought when we are at this point. I think you are based in Germany, right? because some of the translations into English aren't precise. please don't get me wrong, I think you are doing great job, but just had mind mind what can be done better zwinker2.gif
for example description of one flag -"to less players" it is not gramatically correct in English, but if you translate it directly to German then I am sure it is. In this example I would rather write - not enough players . just a small suggestions. hope you don't mind.

and a question from me. i see rating is updated after each game, but what about the rank?

thanks in advance.

thank you for your comment. i know, my english is not good, but i'm a programmer - not a translater 01lol.gif
the helpfiles was designed in german .. u're right ... and the english files are snapshots from the germans last date.

but its wiki, u can edit the pages and help us with the gramatic-snake if u want cheers.gif

...and ..btw. congratulation to your first post super.gif
you welcome. i see wiki has been updated already zwinker2.gif
but still I do not see answer to my question ...

btw i see rank was updated ^^ i just asked cos last time it was updated abou 3/4am so in the morning i always saw it fresh ^^
yes .. u're right again ... the ranking. now the ranking was calculated at 9 MET .. in 30 minutes from now (lookat my posttime)
hmm what a good start of a day. got info which i wanted. thanks again.

next thing : signature. i see it is a beta version. before the pimpin' it worked 'fine' but now some of the signatures aren't avaiable
IPB Image

and also a question how often those are updated, or how do they work, because when i generated mine now, it says old stats.

sorry for being so picky and impatient ^^ old.gif it comes with the age
this signature doesnt work because our sig-gen have problems with the new 64bit-technology. we work on it.
and this signature was updated every 3 minutes or if u played, 10 seconds after the serverscan. if u have problems with old signatur-images, check your pc-clock or press shift+reload to kick out this image from the cache.

ps: the ranking is done.
i see the rank has changed. nice.
as for signatures - i deleted temp int files and works now.
too bad that its the only way, cos then i have to log in to every forum account etc and I am not good with remembering passwords
I still think Sniper Maps should be ranked. Sniping is also a skill that can be beneficial to the game. The only XP you gain on a sniper map is through killing....why should it be skipped?
I mentioned this in another (evidently the wrong) thread.

Everytime a new player joins a game, or any other player even changes his/her name to something new, or changes colors...they come in the game with a 1 (or is it 0?) rating. This throws the whole system out of whack unless that person is so unproductive as to approximate his non-existant rating.

If two players A and B, both rated at 20.00, are dominating a server and both get similar points/minute...they should get +/-0.00.
If player A is using an alias, his rating will be nil, and player B will be punished for using his REAL name with a rating loss.

If player A is rated a lot higher and gets a higher score/minute, the point changes should be minimal...
If he's using an alias with that newborn rating, B's REAL name gets REAL screwed.

I absolutely LOVE the new setup and extended stats and more frequent scans. I even think using an Elo based system is a great idea, but it can't work properly in a open system such as this. Elo is for closed, controlled player sets. Innacurate ratings simply CANNOT be allowed to affect accurate ones.

A possible solution would be to consider players with too little rating time as 'unrated'. While they are accumulating enough rating time to become 'rated', their rating does NOT enter the calculations for the rated players in that session...but their rating change is calculated normally, or even weighted. Also, new names could begin with an 'average' initial rating, as opposed to 0.

Thats right Warmonger. Firstly I think you have already asked this in a other news thread?

In any case, we have already modified the "average rating" (from all players in a session-map). As you say the lower "outlier" are filtered now.
ErdnussJack' date='Nov 7 2006, 05:35 PM' post='29590']
Thats right Warmonger. Firstly I think you have already asked this in a other news thread?

In any case, we have already modified the "average rating" (from all players in a session-map). As you say the lower "outlier" are filtered now.

Yes I did mention it elsewhere, as I said above. Wrong thread, my bad.

Um...I dont think it's workin. I can see a CLEAR difference bewteen how the rating changes look with and without no-name no-time players in the game.

5th high-scorer...all realistic ratings, all the higher-scorers were rated lower than me, but not by much...I went 0.00

4th high-scorer...4 single-digit rated players (no rating time), one of them scoring higher than me...NEGATIVE 0.23

What's being filtered, exactly?

Is it just me? Am I crazy? Thanks though, for all the hard work...and I hope I don't sound like a pain in the ass. :)
sl.ErdnussJack you are attentive super.gif

anyway the calculation problem of these "outliers" should work now. give us your meaning sessions and we take a look on them.
perhaps you haven't understood the system either. it's also different to explain how the new sl ranking exactly works but i will try to give some based details: cheers.gif

firstly if one wants to understand the sl-ranking then it's based on the ELO_ranking (in essential features) with a strongly modified calculation for the ET_statistics. furthermore we have introduced two "session-boni" within the session-calculation.

broadly speaking
The rating calculates itself from the distribution of the SPM within a Session. A better SPM is a better rating for you and a bad one for the other ones. The rating number of every player comes into a kind of pot. These points in the pot are distributed with the SPM-ratio on the players. If you have a twice as good rating as the rest, then you must play also twice as well (to get at least +-0). Otherwise you can by all means lose against better players and you get a green +. the rating of other players is a decisive point.
To our boni:
The, let me call, adjustment-boni is the correction of pro vs. pro and noob vs. noob sessions. the second, the player-boni, is independent from the average rating vs. player-rating of a session.

ok so far, so good.
Our modification (the problem with 0-rating outliers) takes effect in the adjustment-boni with the average rating. all lower third rated players get the average rating of the session. now the effect is thats the unrated player only increase faster in the ranking until to his level.

a simple example: (all in points)
player1 has 0 rating (first time in et)
player2 has 2 rating (its a noob too)
player3 has 0 rating (its a little bastard nick changer)
player4 has 15 rating (its a pro)
average rating = 4,25

player1-player3 gets the average rating for the further session-calculation.

P.S: sorry for some bad english in the morning :)
Thank you very much for taking the time to discuss this with me/us. (...And your English is fine. Way better than my German at any time of day...)

So, in the above example...player 4 would be expected to get more than TRIPLE the spm as each of the 3 other players (15 / 4.25, the avg. used for 1-3)

Easy to triple the noob's spm, but if the bastard nick changer is actually a 15 rating also, and gets 15 spm...wouldn't our hero, player 4, need to get over 45 spm just to break even?

What if player 3 is really a 20? Or higher! and SCORES like a 20? No matter how much averaging you do, 4 is still being affected by innacurate ratings.

The "Lower Third" is not what should determine an inaccurate rating. TIME is. What about players who just ARE rated in the lower third?

Players 1-3 should not affect 4's rating AT ALL as they have NO BASIS in fact, but THEIR ratings should be weighted according to how they perform compared to #4...the only one with a REAL rating in that example.

Your average is STILL based on INACCURATE RATINGS.
It's not important, I suppose. Just wanted to help get it perfect. Still seems a little wacky to me...

But all in all, excellent work!!
hi all,

my first post here. And I have been following warmonger's thread about the little issue with this new ranking system. I have to COMPLETELY agree with Warmonger that the rating is somehow skewed.

I just finish playing a game where I had triple the kills of any other player in the game. By all means my SPM (12.67) is higher than anyone in the server for that game. Logged of and checked SL ranking, it is a whopping -0.17 motz.gif motz.gif . Some useless nub with 0.82 rating had a SPM of 6.51 had a ranking increase of 0.52. Tell me how the hell is this called fair?

IN addition to warmonger's post, here is something else interesting. A play who changed his name had a rating of -0.1 with a SPM of 7.39. At the end of the map he had a ranking increase of 0.59. Why the fkc did he take all that points away and I get stuck with a -0.17 on the ranking?

How is it fair that good players have to play twice as hard to go up? we might as well have different ranking list altogether. people wtih a ranking of 1 to 5 compete in 1 ladder, 6 to 10 compete in another, and so on and so forth.

According to the new ranking ELO system, if I understand correctly, a good player with double the rating would have to double the SPM just to break even. Triple the rating, and you have to do TRIPLE to break even. Given the property of the game, I dont think any player, no matter how good he or she is, can do triple or quadruple consistantly to move up. And how many times when you actually really do that good, almost every whiner in the server starts accusing you of cheating and vote you off. Yeah, real nice ELO system.

This new system is actually making people frustrated then excited at this moment in time. It is not fair that nubs get to move up quicker and good players are penalized. The system in itself is not fair. Those who aren't as good shouldn't move up. If they want to move up, they need to get better.

Points should be distributed as follows. Everyone's rating comes into a pot, at the end of the session, the person with the highest SPM should get the most points. PLayers with the least SPM gets the least amount of points. PLayers whose SPM is AVG of all player's SPM in the session gets o points. Players whose SPM is below all players' SPM get points taken away. TAHT is a fair system. We still pool everyone together, the points and the performance, set a bar, if you can hope over that bar, you get points, if you can't, you lose points.

Another frustrating phenomenon is that I play the full map, get more then double the SPM compared to all other players. I dont even get a + or -, just a pitch black ranking that near moved me up ro down. Now only me, but a few other players also get the same "pitch black" ranking treatment. to add salt to the wound, players wiht much worse performance are getting +0.1 and +0.2's. I mean, What the fudge?!!

Am I alone on this, if I am not, please chime in and let the good people of SL know that this system is NOT fair. It's like affirmative action which is another word for reverse discrimination.


ps. thanks Warmonger for your enlightenment.

ps. I use to let some players have a shot at killing me just so I dont make them feel bad if I consistantly kill them. NOw I totally dont give a flying sh!t. I get into 5th gear and just crush any and every players I come across. I dunno by whom killing me is my ranking doing down and his going up so I dont cut anyone a break. U bet I will camp and shoot anyone that comes out of a choke point.
As far as the pitch black must actually be playing for at least 2/3 of the total time that the map runs on the server for that session to count for you. You can approximate the fraction of time by looking at how much green is in the little time bar. If your session has no flags AND no rating adjustment, you will probably see that your red time bar is less than 2/3 full of green.

But otherwise, yes. I DO believe the system is still screwed up. The reason is still simple:

A NEW player (that is, a player with NO ranking time) should not begin life with a rating of 0. This is simply ridiculous, and is absolutely NOT appropriate for a Elo system. That player should be assigned an INITIAL ranking which is the average of all players in the system. (The whole ladder, not the session). And Im not talking about the ranking used to calculate that session, Im speaking of his INITIAL LADDER RANKING.

Players should enter the system as a 12. Or a 10...Whatever the LADDERS average is. Then, until enough rating time is accumulated to deem that the new players rating is now relativiely accurate...his rating should NOT be used in the calculation of other players. For others, it should be as if he wasnt there. His ranking is still a provisional one. His ranking, however, should be adjusted normally, or 'weighted' (bigger changes) so that his rating will more quickly settle where it BELONGS.

This is until he accumulates enough ranking time. But NEVER should a 0 be used in ANY calculation. It is mathematically ridiculous, and no other Elo-based rating system Ive ever heard of begins new players at anything but an ESTIMATED AVERAGE RANK.

Sure, you're averaging everything...but your averages are populated with FALSE ZEROS. A zero is a real bummer to any average...not to mention 3, 4 or more zeros...and these render the entire system irrelevant to anything that could be considered accurate.
Warmong puts it BEST. I just got off a map where I have nearly double the SPM of the avg SPM. 2 player changed name and both of them got +0.50, and I got a rewarding -0.12. those 2 players got +0.90 and +0.40. How the hell is that fair? they both have a rating of 0 and just screw up the whole scale. I dont think anything is FIXED. In fact, anyone who change name should be DROPPEd from the session calculation. ONLY players who entered and finished the map without changing name should be pooled together for calculation purposes.

What the f!_!ck.


ps. eventually, people just wont care about the ladder anymore. (unless these 0 rating fckers get taken out of the averaging) Although the SL team has spent considerable time and effort on the new ranking system. I am affraid it's killing people who enjoy the ladder rather than making it more enjoyable.
the problem of a public ladder is the new playernames every time. whatever u use, a initial rating or a initial session rating (we use this in advanced), the problem is the same.
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