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Full Version: Download link Problems
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Hi everyone! Well....i wasnt quite sure where this would best be posted, but as this is a "support" place im hoping someone can help in some way. I very much like the UJE Sniper maps and on the Splatterladder home page, you have posted a new UJE map. So just as i have done many times in the past; i clicked the Download button. Well heres where the trouble starts. It took me NOT to the DL location of the map, but instead to a completely random page in German. So i tested all the other Download links on the page, all of them send me to that particular place. Now according to's translator program the message in german is telling me the following: "You were banished by this forum. Contact the administrator, in order to receive more information." I am quite confused by this, considering i have NEVER had an account on and the only time i have ever been on their site was when clicking the "download" links on Splatterladders home page. It has also been nearly 3 months since i have even Downloaded a map from them, so it cannot be as if they think i simply have DLed far to much. If anyone can please apprise me with some pertinent information on what may be causing this issue, please do let me know. Thanx Again ~ Vio
hm, where have you clicked?
the download link works for me:
(for instance:

and yes is basicly german, but they also write english news, which get published on the english newspage on splatterladder
Well, i just tried that same one you gave me...same thing: "You have been Banished", tis Quite frustrating. Btw i have tried just going straight to the site i.e. In both Firefox and Internet Explorer (just for verification purposes) and i get the same you've been banished bull. So i do believe it is quite obvious that somehow, my IP was banned. So far the only that comes to mind as to why or how i was banned, is if maybe decided to just Ban an entire BLOCK of ip addresses which would explain at least something.

If someone knows a DIFFERENT place i can download that UJE Sky Sniper map, that would be just wondeful!
Hello Violat3r!
First of all, I am sorry you have problems accessing our filebase. Please tell me your IP address and I will look into it.
Alrighty! Thanx for the offer Tommaco, but Berzerkr (GER) PMed me after NHLfan let him know what was up, and we got everything sorted for me! He got my particular ip unbanned, it was apparently due to a ban of a range of IP's due to spammers. I of course was NOT one of them lol as i dont even have an actual account there. But none the less, i would like to thank NHLfan and Berzerkr (GER) as well as tommaco for helping! Peace ~ Vio
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