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Full Version: Wrong memberlist! Help!
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[KPKP] Purska
Hi! Someone made a wrong memberlist of ETc| clan members...
So, I want you to change my clan to real ETc| clan memberlist !!! :
Thank you!!!

Hey! I forgot to say my gamename grin.gif
It is : ETc|Purska :;idx=31441064
These are 2 different clans due to different clan-IDs.

The first link i guess is automatically created (the SL have had such a autoclan feature earlier) and the 2nd one is ETc| Jay┬┤s clanentry with the actual member list of ETc|.

Maybe an Admin of the SL is willing to delete the first one so it gets eliminated from the clans list and only the correct registered one remains here...
[KPKP] Purska
Ok, hope they will remove it!! :)
I've reported/forwarded it, we have to take a closer look at this, be patient. zwinker2.gif
[KPKP] Purska
[KPKP] Purska
ok thanks!!!! :
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