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Full Version: Map Not Rated, Because Of Too Many Disturbing Factors?
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I was noticing that sometimes Splatter Ladder (SL), doesn’t rate a map, because of the following reason; "Too many Disturbing Factors".

When you use the term "Too many Disturbing Factors", what are all of the possible causes, or factors, that would force you to not rate a map?

I’ve noticed, that when this happens to me on a map, ("Too many Disturbing Factors"), there are some very high headshot accuracy rates, and some of enemy doesn’t seem to die after extreme, excessive damage, even though they are not medics.

An example would be: The enemy with a flamethrower, barely within range to use, just barely grazes me, briefly with just a flicker of the flame, (and the flame is aimed high, [less damage],not low at my feet, [which means more damage that when aimed high]), and I immediately die, so therefore, while in spawn, I change my weapon to Flame Thrower, catch the same player from behind, cover him in flames, aimed low at the feet, well within range, and for a considerable amount of time, and he manages to jump and turn towards me, and again kill me instantly, with a fraction of the flame I just used on him.

Also, sometimes, it seems that the enemy can move much faster, and jump much higher than our army, especially while carrying a heavy weapon, such as a “Panzerfaust", in these “Too many Disturbing Factors" maps.

Is it possible for an “Administrator of the Server", to modify “Physical Characteristics", for one player, fire team, or the entire opposing enemy? (Such as gravity, damage sustained, Etc.?)

Furthermore, why doesn’t Punk Buster, react to these same “Disturbing Factors" that causes Splatter Ladder to not rate the game?

[So basically to sum up]: What is it that Splatter Ladder can “See", that Punk Buster, does not? I.E. (“Too many Disturbing Factors"),


You folks at Spatter Ladder provide a wonderful service, and you do it very well!
You also seem to be able to do someone else’s job, better than they can do, themselves. (“Punk Buster")

Thanks Again,

Billdoe cheers.gif
Hi Bill,

as far as i know the "too many disturbing factors" issue is simply bots playing.

Taken from the sl.Wiki (

Reference of the Flag-Icons

There are some reasons why a session can not be rated. Possible flags that can appear for the flag column are:

* Image:Ses_lesspl.png Not enough players: A minimum of 6 valid players are required for a session rating. Players are valid with a 2/3 playtime of the sessionlength (the green bar under the time).
* Image:Ses_toshort.png Session is too short: A valid session must have a minimum of 5 minutes.
* Image:Ses_nocp.png No anticheat: punkbuster or actual etpro is required for ranked sessions
* Image:Ses_pw.png Passworded: passworded sessions are generally ignored.
* Image:Ses_invmap.png Invalid Map: The map is excluded from the ranking. Mostly these are Trickjump- and Snipermaps.
* Image:Ses_points.png disturbing factors: To many disturbing factors have appeared in the session-calculation. Bots usually cause the disturbances. For example, 20 players with one bot isn't bad but 20 players with 5 bots are regarded as a disturbing factor.
* Image:Ses_svoff.png Server disabled: The server is disabled for the ranking.

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