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Full Version: W:ET Legacy visible everywhere except on SL
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My W:ET Legacy server won't show up on, but it is visible everywhere else. I waited at least a week before posting this question. Do you have any idea what setting is wrong?

*** Details
Name: Liberty Crypto Node
Mod: legacy

*** Command line
./etlded +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game legacy +set net_ip +set net_port 27960 +set g_gametype 6 +set sv_maxclients 24 +set omnibot_enable 1 +set omnibot_path "./legacy/omni-bot" +exec etl_server.cfg

*** Relevant server cvars


set sv_master1 ""
set sv_master2 ""
set sv_master3 ""
set sv_master4 ""
set sv_master5 ""
set sv_master6 ""
set sv_master7 ""
set sv_master8 ""
set sv_master9 ""
set sv_master10 ""


set logfile "2" // enables console logging - 'etconsole.log' (1: enabled 2: enabled and sync'ed)
set sv_protect "1" // getstatus response limit protection
set sv_protectLog "sv_protect.log" // when set all sv_protect and server security related messages are written into this log file
set sv_floodProtect "1" // prevent server flooding
set sv_pure "1" // enable hash check of client pk3 files


set dedicated "2" // 1: dedicated server for lan 2: dedicated server for internet
set sv_advert "1" // send hartbeats to master server - important to set!
sv_timeout "40" // seconds without any message from connected clients
sv_dl_timeout "240" // seconds without any message from downloading or preparing clients
set sv_minping "0" // minimum ping required on connect (0: no minimum)
set sv_maxping "0" // maximum ping allowed on connect (0: no maximum)
set sv_ipMaxClients "0" // limits connections per IP to cvar value (0: no maximum)
splatterladder dont get data from the masterserver. You need to add your server self. I added this one for you now.

If you want to add your next server, click at sl.Serverlist -> Write down your ip including port in the field Name or IP address:. Then press Search.

now you see this:

We couldn't find a server with the address "123.456.789.0:27960" in our database.

� Register this IP with the server list...

Click at � Register this IP with the server list...

Now try to search again for your servername or ip and the server should be in the list.
Thank you! Will do!

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